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        LSECT Ltd
        Education events and publishing for Schools and Further Education
        About Lsect

        Learning and Skills, events, consultancy and training Ltd (LSECT) is an education events and publishing company operating within the Schools and Further Education sectors.

        Established in 2010 as a training and consultancy organisation for the further education sector, we have steadily expanded and diversified our organisation.

        Today LSECT is the organisation behind the leading digital newspapers, Schools Week and FE Week, the education recruitment service Education Week Jobs and high-profile events such as the Annual Apprenticeship Conference and the Festival of Education.

        Lsect launch

        LSECT was established in 2010, located in London.

        Training workshops

        We operate 30+ workshops annually, covering FE funding & policy.


        We publish the digital newspapers Schools Week & FE Week


        We operate large events & conferences, our own & with partner organisations.

        Education events and publishing for Schools and Further Education since 2010.

        Our Brands
        Our Lsect family includes
        Upcoming Events
        Upcoming events from across the Lsect family.
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        Latest Lsect News
        Highlights of what we've been up to at Lsect
        Our Journey
        An overview of Lsect's journey since our establishment in 2010.
        • Lsect established

          Learning and Skills, events, consultancy and training limited is incorporated. Nick Linford, starts the business to provide training events covering FE Funding.

          29th October 2010
        • FE Week launched

          FE Week is launched, a new weekly printed newspaper for the Further Education and Skills sector. Providing in-depth investigative news for the college and training provider leaders.

          1st September 2011
        • Schools Week launched

          Schools Week is launched, a new weekly printed newspaper for the Schools sector in England. Providing in-depth investigative news for school leaders and enducation professionals.

          1st September 2014
        • Annual Apprenticeship Conference

          The Annual Apprenticeship Conference is launched. AAC is a national conference for apprentice employers and providers. The inaugural event was held at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in London. In 2016, AAC moved to Birmingham’s ICC and attracts of 1,200 delegates and 50 exhibitors.

          1st March 2015
        • Festival of Education

          Lsect forms a partnership with Wellington College to operate the prestigious Festival of Education. An annual CPD event for educators, attracting over 5,000 teachers across two days.

          1st June 2016
        • Edcuation Week Jobs

          Education Week Jobs is launched by Lsect, bringing together the classifieds advertising activity from both Schools Week & FE Week. EWJ aims to provide a cost-effective job advertising platform for education organisations, primarily for management and leadership roles in schools, colleges and training providers in England.

          1st September 2018
        • A new chapter

          Lsect commences relocation of its HQ from Greenwich to Shoreditch. Lsect currently employs 20 full-time staff and engages with several freelancers to operate our activites. Despite a challenging economic situation, Lsects brands continue to grow. It’s newspapers Schools Week and FE Week achieved over 3,000,000 website visits in January, and it announces plans to hold the AAC and Festival of Education virtually in 2021.

          1st January 2021
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